The plant-based offering continues to grow daily within the retail channel. More and more consumers are aware of their diet and are open to tasty plant-based products. This also offers many opportunities and possibilities within the retail channel.

Seduce & inspire
It is important to tempt and inspire consumers with beautiful, tasty and new dishes. By creating the right shelf plan with the right mix of products and appealing brands, you as a store can provide a beautiful and distinctive plant-based range that fits within your own formula.

Vegetables under one roof
There are opportunities for many plant-based initiatives from large to small. As a plant-based food platform, we bring together all possible initiatives and give them a place in the spotlight. We bring producers and retailers together by offering plant-based products centrally under one roof.

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Oat drink barista (6 x 1000 ml)
Oat drink chocolate (6 x 1000 ml)
Oat drink natural (6 x 1000 ml)
Very Berry (8 x 90 grams)
Gimme Gummy Mix (8 x 90 grams)

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