Rude Health

Rude Health

In 2005, Nick and Camilla Barnard embarked on a mission to create the tastiest muesli on the planet. Muesli that is so delicious that you want to lick your bowl empty, and so good for you that you can take on the whole world afterwards. Thirteen years later, that muesli still makes people jump out of bed in the morning. And in the meantime, a whole range of Rude Health products have been added – breakfast cereals, snacks and drinks, all made from the best ingredients.

If you apply that philosophy to your entire life, you will soon discover that you don't need additives for anything. Instead, you load yourself up with good friends and dirty weekends and your life is full of skinny dipping and Beaujolais. We believe that you can live fast and die old. That's Rude Health. The feeling that you can handle just about anything. Running to the bus in your high heels. Jump rope, line dance, do the moonwalk. Being checked in the shopping street. Starting a breakfast brand from your own kitchen table.

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