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At Vegan Food Service we are passionate about plant-based nutrition and committed to promoting sustainable, healthy and tasty options in the Netherlands and Belgium. As a leading distributor of plant-based products to the retail sector, we have the experience and expertise to successfully introduce and launch your innovative brand in these booming markets.

Our Unique Approach

What sets us apart is our unique approach. We understand that launching a new brand in the Dutch and Belgian markets comes with challenges, but with our proven strategies and strong customer portfolio, we are ready to help you succeed. Our approach includes:

  1. Extensive Network : Thanks to our extensive network, we work with both independent retailers and large head offices. This allows us to get your product onto the shelves quickly and effectively.
  2. Sales and Logistics Expertise : We take over sales and logistics tasks, allowing you to concentrate on creating high-quality products. We ensure that your brand is introduced in the right place and distributed on time.
  3. Years of Experience : With years of industry experience and the right contacts, we understand what it takes for a brand to grow and thrive in the plant-based sector.

Making a difference together
At Vegan Food Service we believe in collaboration and partnership. Together with you, we will work to increase the availability of unique, tasty, plant-based products in Dutch and Belgian supermarkets. Our goal is to make a positive difference, both for consumers looking for plant-based options and for the producers offering these options.


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Ready to introduce your innovative brand to the Dutch and Belgian market? Contact Vegan Food Service today and discover how we can work together towards a greener future. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing the possibilities.
Together we make a difference and bring more unique, tasty plant-based products to the shelves. At Vegan Food Service we are proud to be your partner in creating a more plant-based world.

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